「私がダンスを始めた頃」⑧  カイ・トミオカ






翌年、その同じオーディションに晴れて挑むことができました。結果は合格!そのステージで演じた後、観に来ていた Central School of Balletの先生の目にとまったことから、そちらにてフルタイムで学ぶオファーをいただき、16歳で、プロになるためのダンスのトレーニングを始めて、あとは皆さんご存じのとおりです!




Kai Tomioka

I can look back on my dance journey so far and identify a chain of events and decisions that have led me to here to Noism dance company.

I remember at the age of 12 joining a breakdance and street dance class, at a local studios near to where I lived in London. This was where my love for dance started, even though I wasn’t very good! After watching popular dance films at the time I wanted to learn to move in those ways! When I was 14 they started a boys ballet at the studios, to try and encourage the dancers to become more versatile and move in different ways. I decided to give it a go and thus started my passion for classical dance. I was enjoying my dancing a lot but was still not taking it too seriously. I was dancing alongside my other hobbies, such as football, athletics and acting. But a year later, while playing football I broke my collar bone, which meant that I missed an important audition for a production called ‘London children’s ballet’. This was something I was very much looking forward to and this is when I realised I had to make the choice about what I wanted to do and to commit to one or the other, as the demand from the body is very different, and of course I chose dance.

The next year I was able to attend the audition again, and was successful! After taking part in this show, I was offered a full time place at central school of ballet after a teacher from the school had come to watch, so at 16 I began my professional dance training and then the rest is history!

Looking back on it now I can recognise that it took many sacrifices, and at such a young age it took a lot to make some mature and difficult decisions, spending much of my time dancing meant that I missed out on lots that you as a young person would want to do, committing to dance is a lifelong decision, but I wouldn’t change any of it.



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